Eye care is much more than just giving a patient a prescription for a pair of glasses or contact lenses. We will teach you about your eye health and explain the information we gather during your examination to you so that you can help us take care of your eyes.

  • Adult Eye Examinations. The foundation of our practice is a thorough general eye examination. After your eyeglass prescription is carefully determined, your eye health will be evaluated for dry eye, glaucoma, macula degeneration, diabetes and all other corneal and retinal pathologies. We provide emergency treatment of eye infections and eye injuries, along with treatment of pink eye.
  • Children’s Eye Examinations. Every child should have a complete eye examination before starting school. Poor vision can lead to poor academic performance. School screenings, while important, are no substitute for a comprehensive exam. Your child may see well but may have a problem with binocularity or eye coordination. The increased demands for close work, particularly computer use, can stress the visual system causing blurring, fatigue, headaches and difficulty in school.
  • Contact Lens Evaluations.
  • Laser Refractive Surgery Evaluations. If you are interested in surgically correcting your vision, Dr. Shorrock will help determine if you are a candidate, discussing the risks, benefits and long term implications. Dr. Shorrock works closely with highly skilled surgical specialists and can provide your follow up care.
  • Premium Optical Services.

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